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Cummins INSITE v7.6 [2014]
Cummins INSITE v7.6 [2014]
Diagnostic software for Cummins

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Region: All regions 
Languages: English
Type: Diagnostic software 
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7 
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD  
Year: 2014

The program for dealership management systems diagnostics motors Cummins. The program has several levels of functionality, defined by the password access. Multi language interface, but the program does not switch, you must immediately put on the fact that more like it to work.

For proper operation requires diagnostic interface, compliant with RP1210. For example Dearborn DPA-4 + or Nexiq USB-Link. Either native interface Inline 4 or Inline

New/modified Base Features Supported:
• Turbocharger Actuator – Calibration download only.

• The Features and Parameters and Data Monitor/Logger column widths will remain the
  same between INSITE sessions.

• The Out of Range window in Data Monitor/Logger has been removed.

• The Upper and Lower limit columns have been modified to display the Minimum
  Measured and Maximum Measured values read by INSITE while the parameters are
  being monitored.

• A performance improvement has been implemented for reading calibrations on network
  drives. This greatly reduces the time INSITE spends when the "View Network
  Calibration Drives" is selected in the Tools > Options > General menu.

• The INTELECT folder now contains an INSITE Engine Feature file. The individual
  engine help files have been eliminated. The INSITE Engine Feature file lists the help
  descriptions for the engines Features and Parameters, Diagnostic Test and Advanced
  ECM Data help content.

• The Audit Trail has been expanded to support up to 8 Audit Trail entries, if supported by
  the calibration.

• The Calibration Selection has been redesigned to include a separate section for
  Programmable Datalink Device (PDD) Calibrations such as the Aftertreatment Device or
  Turbocharger Actuator. This will allow users to bypass connecting to the ECM and
  download directly to a PDD.

• INSITE will only display Advanced ECM Data features and ECM Diagnostic Tests if they
  are supported by the calibration.

• The ECM Key Off Time has been increased for certain functions in the tool.

• A print preview of a template has been added to the right-click menu in Work Orders.
  New Features Supported

Note: New features will be displayed by INSITE only if they are supported by the calibration.
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