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Eaton Service Ranger v4.2.1177 [2016] + KEYGEN
Eaton Service Ranger v4.2.1177 [2016] + KEYGEN

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Region: All regions 
Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, French 
Version:  v4.2.1177
Quantity of CD: 1 CD 
Date of update: 2016

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ServiceRanger is a PC-based service bay tool used to diagnose, configure, and update most Roadranger automated products including:

* Fuller® AutoShift® and UltraShift® Transmissions
* Eaton VORAD® Collision Warning Systems
* Dana Spicer® TIMS® (Tire Inflation & Monitor System)
* Eaton Hybrid Electric Transmissions

ServiceRanger  v4.2.1177 is the next generation of PC diagnostics software specifically designed for today and tomorrows Roadranger automated products. SR3 is not an update from ServiceRanger version 2.x, but rather a new software platform that is designed for today's advanced Roadranger automated products, including Hybrid Transmissions and the new VORAD VS-400 Collision Warning System.

Hardware Requirements :
In order to successfully install and run ServiceRanger, your PC should meet the following minimum configuration:
• IBM® PC compatible computer- Pentium III or equivalent
• Microsoft Windows 2000, XP
• 128 Meg of RAM
• 800 x 600 screen resolution
• CD-ROM drive
• 100 megabyte of free hard disk space
• Internet Connection, 56K or higher (required for Internet Downloads and Updates)
• Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater (required for InfoRanger)
• RP-1210A Vehicle Communications Adapter
The following RP-1210A compliant communications adapter is recommended:
• Eaton MD-100 series Vehicle Link Adapter

Available code for program :
- 0 Light ServiceRanger User
- 1 Basic ServiceRanger User
- 2 Enhanced ServiceRanger User
- 3 RFM ServiceRanger User
- 4 Advanced ServiceRanger User
- 5 Select File User
- 6 Transmission Engineering User
- 7 Hybrid Engineering User
- 8 Vorad Engineering User
- 9 OEM Engineering User
- 10 Development Engineer Super-User

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