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Renault DDT2000 Diagnostic Tool DATABASE [11.2021] - Admin - 01-13-2022

Renault DDT2000 Diagnostic Tool DATABASE [11.2021]
DATABASE for Renault DDT2000 update 11.2021

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Region: All regions
Type: Diagnostic & Programmer Software 
Languages: English,Multi
Year: 2021
Date of update: 11/2021

DDT (Diagnostic Data Tool) program for deep diagnostics of Renault / Nissan vehicles. Allows you to diagnose all ECUs in a more complete mode than via CAN CLIP software. Also, the software contains many useful programs from developers, for example, an emulator of ECU responses

Renault DDT2000 supports CAN-BUS protocol, but with the special CAN diagnostic interface. In this package we are offering the software and simple K line interface (ISO9141). Below named interface has been tested and works with most LAGUNA II models. For other newer models are required CAN-BUS interface.