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Main features of the game Candy Clicker 2
·       Upgrade candy clicker 2 production
·       Upgrade your value per click
·       Upgrade automatic candy production
·       Unlock new candies
·       The multiplier helps speed up candy production
·       Multipliers help increase the value of each click
·       Complete missions and challenges to receive achievements
·       Achievements give rewards like coins, multipliers, or unlock new upgrades
·       Change the game's display (color, font, ...)
·       Turn on/off sound
Save progress
Save progress and continue playing next time
·       Compare scores with friends
·       Compete with other players on the leaderboard
Special event
·       Limited-time events to increase earnings or get rewards
·       The above features make the Candy Clicker 2 game more attractive and interesting, ensuring players have a great experience during the endless clicking process.
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These features combine to create a dynamic and addictive gameplay loop, ensuring Drift Hunters players enjoy continuous engagement in their quest for candy and upgrades.
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