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Mitsubishi CAPS Truck Europe [10.2007]
Mitsubishi CAPS Truck Europe [10.2007]
Spare Parts catalog for MMC Trucks Europe .

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Region: Europe 
Languages: English
Type: Spare Parts Catalog 
OS: Win2000, Win98, WinNT, WinXP
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD
Year: 2007
Date of update: 10/2007

The program MITSUBISHI CAPS (Computerized Automatic Parts Search) contains the exhaustive information on spare parts and the additional equipment for automobile machines, jeeps, lorries and the chassis of special purpose{assignment}. The program is broken into the following regions: Europe 2CD, Europe TRUCK 1 CD, General 4 CD and USA 1CD.
The program of all 1.5Mb occupies at work from CD as full installation of all CDs on HDD is possible.

There is a search on VIN, models, to number, the name and applicability of a detail.
In program MITSUBISHI TRUCK Europe there is a full information on the chassis for 20 and 50 ton cranes KATO and MITSUBISHI.
The automobiles which have been released for the Japanese market to contain in the separate program MITSUBISHI JAPAN

Version GENERAL easily work with 14-place numbers of the Asian machines, such as D0NV120RJ00672.

Installation of the program very simple, is enough to copy directory WINCAPS on HDD and to start Caps.exe, but pay attention, that the program under condition of presence in this directory of files setup.env, sharyo.idx, wincaps.id, capscom.dat will work.

For program MITSUBISHI TRUCK Europe the environment distinct from to the basic program is used, some models and engines differently will not be accessible.
For access to the data of program MITSUBISHI USA it is necessary to choose language U.S.English in options and to know the password of access
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