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International ServiceAssistant MD [2008]
International Service Assistant MD 2008

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Region: All regions
Type: Service Assistant
Languages: English
OS: WinXP,Windows7
Quantity of CD: 1 CD
Year: 2008
License: High

ServiceAssistant - MD provides the capabilities to:
* Detect Engine ECM and provide proper link to the service tool
* Monitor data link activity and the source of the data link activity
* Monitor Engine parameters (PIDs) in real time
* Graph Engine parameters (PIDs) in real time
* Capture Engine parameters in snapshot recordings
* Replay Engine parameter snapshot recordings
* Read and Display ECM Engine make, model, and VIN
* Read and Display ECM Diagnostic Trouble Codes
* Link ECM Diagnostic Trouble Codes to additional diagnostic service information
* Read and Display ECM Diagnostic Freeze Frame information
* Request to initiate and execute On-board ECM diagnostic tests
* Read, display, and modify ECM programmable parameters
* Provide Engine Diagnostic Guide in electronic form
* Provide informational video and pictures and special diagnostic procedures
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