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Komatsu Forklift LinkOne v.4.2 [12.2010]
Komatsu Forklift LinkOne v.4.2 [12.2010]
Spare parts catalog for Komatsu Forklift Equipments.

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Region: Europe
Version: v4.2
Language: English
Quantity of CD: 1 DVD 
Year: 2010
Date of update:: 12.2010
OS: Windows XP, Vista. Windows 7

Spare parts catalog for Komatsu Forklift Equipments. contains parts catalog for trucks / engines for forklifts Komatsu.

Models of Komatsu Forklift available on Komatsu FrokLifts :
Komatsu Forklist Trucks Europe

Forklift Truck(Load Capacity 01 Ton)
FD10/15-16 600001-UP
FD10-18-20 650001-UP 
FD10C-17 630001-UP
FD10LT-17 630001-UP
FD15-17 630001-UP 
FD15-17-EC 630001-UP 
FD18-16 600001-UP
FD18-17 630001-UP 
FD18-17-EC 630001-UP 
FG10/15-16 600001-UP
FG10-15-17 630001-UP 
FG10-18-20 650001-UP 
FG15H/18H-20 650001-UP 
FG15H-17-EC 630001-UP 
FG15H-EC 600001-UP
FG18-16 600001-UP
FG18-17 630001-UP 
FG18H-17-EC 630001-UP 
FG18H-EC 600001-UP

Forklift Truck(Load Capacity 02 Ton)
FD20/25-12 500001-UP
FD20/25-15 570001-UP
FD20/25-16 700001-UP 
FD20/25-17 300001-UP
FD20-25-14 550001-UP 
FD20-25-14-EC 550001-UP 
FD20H/25H-12 500001-UP
FD20H/25H-15 570001-UP
FD20H/25H-16 700001-UP 
FD20H/25H-17 300001-UP
FD20H-25H-14 550001-UP
FD20J/25J-12 500001-UP
FD20J/25J-14 550001-UP 
FD20N/25N-15 570001-UP
FD20N/25N-16 700001-UP 
FD28/30-12 500001-UP
FD30-14 550001-UP 
FD30-14-EC 550001-UP 
FD30-15 570001-UP
FD30-16 700001-UP 
FD30-17 300001-UP
FD30H-12 500001-UP
FD30H-14 550001-UP 
FD30H-15 570001-UP
FD30H-16 700001-UP 
FD30H-17 700001-UP
FD30J-12 500001-UP
FD30J-14 550001-UP 
FD30N-15 570001-UP
FD30N-16 700001-UP 
FD35A-16 700001-UP 
FD35A-17 300001-UP
FG20/25-12 500001-UP
FG20/25-15 570001-UP
FG20/25-16 700001-UP 
FG20-25-14 550001-UP 
FG20-25-14-EC 550001-UP 
FG20H/25H-12 500001-UP
FG20H/25H-15 570001-UP
FG20H/25H-16 700001-UP 
FG20H-25H-14 550001-UP 
FG20H-25H-14-EC 550001-UP 
FG20L/25L-15 570001-UP
FG20N/25N-15 570001-UP
FG20N/25N-16 700001-UP 
FG28/30-12 500001-UP
FG30-14 550001-UP 
FG30-14-EC 550001-UP 
FG30-15 570001-UP
FG30-16 700001-UP 
FG30H-12 500001-UP
FG30H-14 550001-UP 
FG30H-14-EC 550001-UP 
FG30H-15 570001-UP
FG30N-15 570001-UP
FG30N-16 700001-UP 
FG35A-16 700001-UP

Fork lift Truck(Load Capacity 03 Ton)
FD35/40-10 133001-UP
FD35/40-7 100001-UP
FD35/40-8 110001-UP
FD35Y/40Y-10 133001-UP
FD35Z/40Z-7 100001-UP
FD35Z/40Z-8 110001-UP
FD40-10-US 133001-UP
FD40Z-10 133001-UP
FD40Z-10-US 133001-UP
FD40ZY-10 133001-UP
FD45-10 133001-UP
FD45-10-US 133001-UP
FD45-7 100001-UP
FD45-8 110001-UP
FD45Y-10 133001-UP
FD50A-10 133001-UP
FD50A-10-US 133001-UP
FD50A-7 100001-UP
FD50A-8 110001-UP
FD50AY-10 133001-UP
FG35/40-10 133001-UP
FG35/40-7 100001-UP
FG35Z/40Z-7 100001-UP
FG40-10-US 133001-UP
FG40Z-10 133001-UP
FG40Z-10-US 133001-UP
FG45-10 133001-UP
FG45-10-US 133001-UP
FG45-7 100001-UP
FG50A-10 133001-UP
FG50A-10-US 133001-UP
FG50A-7 100001-UP

Fork lift Truck(Load Capacity 05 Ton)
FD50/60-7 40001-UP 
FD50/60-8 46001-UP 
FD50/60-8-EC 44801-UP
FD50/70-7-EC 40001-UP 
FD50E/60E-7 40001-UP 
FD60-10-EC S/N 55001-UP
FD60-10-US 55001-UP
FD70-10-EC 55001-UP
FD70-10-US 55001-UP
FD70-7 40001-UP 
FD70-7-US 40001-UP 
FD70-8 46001-UP 
FD70-8-US 44801-UP 
FD70E-7 40001-UP 
FD80-10 55001-UP
FD80-10-EC 55001-UP
FD80-10-US 55001-UP
FD80-7 40001-UP 
FD80-7-EC 40001-UP 
FD80-7-US 40001-UP 
FD80-8 44801-UP
FD80-8-US 44801-UP 
FG50/60-7 40001-UP 
FG50/70-7-EC 40001-UP 
FG70-7 40001-UP 
FG70-7-US 40001-UP 
FG70-8-US 44801-UP

Fork lift Truck(Load Capacity 10 Ton)
F4EC-1 5001-UP 
F5EC-1 5001-UP 
F6EC-1 5001-UP 
FD100-115-6-EC 5001-UP
FD100-6 5001-UP 
FD100-6-DM 5001-UP
FD100-7 6001-UP 
FD100-7-OP 6001-UP
FD100-8 7001-UP 
FD115-6 5001-UP
FD115-6-DM 5001-UP
FD115-7 6001-UP 
FD115-7-OP 6001-UP
FD115-8 7001-UP 
FD135-160E-6-EC 5001-UP
FD135-6 5001-UP 
FD135-6-DM 5001-UP
FD135-7 6001-UP 
FD135-7-OP 6001-UP
FD135-8 7001-UP 
FD150E-6 5001-UP 
FD150E-6-DM 5001-UP
FD150E-7 6001-UP 
FD150E-7-OP 6001-UP
FD150E-8 7001-UP 
FD160E-6 5001-UP 
FD160E-6-DM 5001-UP
FD160E-7 6001-UP 
FD160E-7-OP 6001-UP
FD160E-8 7001-UP

Fork lift Truck(Load Capacity 15 Ton)
FD150-6 2301-UP 
FD180-6 2301-UP 
FD200-6 3301-UP 
FD200Z-6 2301-UP 
FD250Z-6 3301-UP

Electric lift Truck(Load Capacity 01 Ton)
FB09H-14--12 830001-UP 
FB09H-18-12 837898-UP
FB09HF-14F--12 830001-UP 
FB09HF-18F-12 837898-UP
FB09M-13M--12 825001-UP 
FB09M-13M(L-12 826828-UP
FB09M-13MF--12 825001-UP 
FB09MF-13MF-12 826828-UP
FB10/14EX-11 807001-UP 
FB10/14EX-8 800001-UP
FB10/14EXF-11 807001-UP
FB10/14EXF-8 800001-UP
FB10M-3 10001-UP 
FB13M-3 10001-UP 
FB13M-3-EC 10001-UP
FB15/18-12 830001-UP 
FB15/18EX-11 807001-UP 
FB15/18EX-8 800001-UP
FB15/18EX-8-EC 800001-UP
FB15/18EX-8-EU 800001-UP
FB15/18EXF-11 807001-UP
FB15/18EXF-8 800001-UP
FB15/18EXG-11 807001-UP 
FB15/18EXG-8 800001-UP
FB15/18EXG-8-EC 800001-UP
FB15/18EXG-8-EU 800001-UP
FB15/18EXGF-11 807001-UP
FB15/18EXGF-8 800001-UP
FB15F/18F-12 830001-UP 
FB15G/18G-12 830001-UP 
FB15G/18G-12 837898-UP
FB15GF/18GF-12 830001-UP 
FB15GF/18GF-12 837898-UP
FB15HB/18HB-12 830001-UP 
FB15HB/18HB-12 830001-UP 
FB15HB/18HB-12 837898-UP
FB15M/18M-12 825001-UP 
FB15M-3 10001-UP 
FB15M-3-EC 10001-UP
FB15M(L/18M-12 826828-UP
FB15MF/18MF-12 825001-UP 
FB15MF/18MF-12 826828-UP
FB18M-3 10001-UP 
FB18M-3-EC 10001-UP
FB20A-12 830001-UP 
FB20A-12 837898-UP
FB20AF-12 830001-UP 
FB20AF-12 837898-UP
FB20AG-12 830001-UP 
FB20AG-12 837898-UP
FB20AGF-12 830001-UP 
FB20AGF-12 837898-UP
FB20AHB-12 830001-UP 
FB20AHB-12 830001-UP 
FB20AHB-12 837898-UP
FB20M-12 825001-UP 
FB20M-12 826828-UP
FB20MF-12 825001-UP 
FB20MF-12 826828-UP
MPF10-2 20001-UP
MRTL07-10 60001-UP
MRTL10-10 60001-UP

Electric lift Truck(Load Capacity 02 Ton)
FB20/25EX-11 814001-UP 
FB20/25EX-8 810001-UP
FB20/25EX-8-EC 810001-UP
FB20/25EX-8-EU 810001-UP
FB20/25EXF-11 814001-UP
FB20/25EXF-8 810001-UP
FB20/25EXG-11 814001-UP 
FB20/25EXG-8 810001-UP
FB20/25EXG-8-EC 810001-UP
FB20/25EXG-8-EU 810001-UP
FB20/25EXGF-11 814001-UP
FB20/25EXGF-8 810001-UP
FB30-11-W 814001-UP 
FB30EX-8 810001-UP
FB20HB/25HB-11-W 814001-UP

Electric Reach Truck
FB10/13RL-11 80001-UP
FB10/13RL-12 85001-UP 
FB10/13RL-14 140001-UP 
FB10/13RS-11 80001-UP
FB10/13RS-12 85001-UP 
FB10/13RW-14 140001-UP 
FB10RL/13RL-10 60001-UP
FB14-18RL-11 80001-UP
FB14-18RL-12 85001-UP
FB14-18RS-11 80001-UP
FB14-18RS-12 85001-UP 
FB14RL-10 60001-UP
FB15/18RJ-11 80001-UP
FB15/18RJ-12 85001-UP 
FB15/18RJW-12 85001-UP 
FB15RJ/18RJ-10 60001-UP
FB15RL/18RL-10 60001-UP
FB15RL-14 140001-UP 
FB15RS/18RS-10 60001-UP
FB15RW-14 140001-UP 
FB18RL-14 140001-UP 
FB20RL/25RL-4 4001-UP 
FB30RN-4 4001-UP 

1004-4-F U8172030-UP
1006-6TW-F 621958-UP
4D92E-1B45-BM 04792-UP 
4D92E-1B46-BM 04792-UP 
4D92E-1BD-F 00101-UP 
4D94E-1ABD-F 44942-UP
4D94E-1BD-F 00101-UP 
4D94LE-1B38-BM 00101-UP 
4D94LE-1B45-BM 00101-UP 
4D94LE-1B45-C 42631-UP
4D94LE-1B46-BM 00101-UP 
4D98E-1AGD-F 01532-UP
4D98E-1B45-C 08758-UP
4D98E-1G38-BM 02964-UP 
4D98E-1G45-BM 02964-UP 
4D98E-1G46-BM 02964-UP 
4D98E-1GD-F 00101-UP 
4JG2-1-F J130001-UP
4LB1-1-F (600001)-UP
5K-1-F 600001-UP
6BG1-1-F 515426-UP 
6BG1-1-FA B183092-UP 
6BG1-1-T 178327-UP 
6CT8.3-1CG-F 45460170-UP
6D102E-1F 26215803-UP
6D102E-1F-C1 26215803-UP 
6D102E-1F-C2 26215803-UP 
6D102E-1F-D1 26215803-UP 
C240-1-F 819001-UP
H15-1A-F K37746X-UP
H15-1-F K07001X-UP
H20-1A-F K36837Y-UP
H20-1-F K40001X-UP
H25-1A-F K43496X-UP
H25-1-F K05001X-UP
K15-1AD-FM 004168-UP 
K15-1AD-WM 004168-UP 
K15-1AG-FM 004168-UP 
K15-1AG-WM 004168-UP 
K15-1BD-FM 004168-UP 
K15-1BG-FM 004168-UP 
K21-181-A 058311X-UP
K21-181-B S/N 058311X-UP
K21-184-A 058311X-UP
K21-184-B 058311X-UP
K21-187-A 058311X-UP
K21-187-B 058311X-UP
K21-1X3-TO 005229-UP
K21-1XD-FM 005229-UP 
K21-1XD-FM 005229-UP 
K21-1XD-WM 005229-UP 
K21-1XD-WM 005229-UP 
K21-1XG-FM 005229-UP 
K21-1XG-FM 005229-UP 
K21-1XG-WM 005229-UP 
K21-1XG-WM 005229-UP 
K21-1XL-FM 005229-UP 
K21-1XL-FM 005229-UP 
K25-191-A 080514X-UP
K25-191-B 080514X-UP
K25-194-A 080514X-UP
K25-194-B 080514X-UP
K25-197-A 080514X-UP
K25-197-B 080514X-UP
K25-1BD-FM 018561-UP 
K25-1BD-WM 018561-UP 
K25-1BG-FM 018561-UP
K25-1BG-WM 018561-UP
K25-1BL-FM 018561-UP
S4D95LE-3-CX 128788-UP
S6D102E-1S 26219540-UP 
S6D102E-2KK-W 26318973-UP
S6D102E-2LL-W 26318973-UP
S6D102E-2MM-A 26318973-UP
SA6D102E-2N-W 26318973-UP 
SAA4D95LE-5-CX 503377-UP
SAA4D95LE-5-DX 503377-UP
SAA6D107E-1 26512512-UP 
TB42-1C-F S05425-UP 
TB42-1D-F S05425-UP 
TB45-1 67547-UP
TB45-191-A 099706-UP
TB45-194-A (SINGLE FUEL-LP GAS) 099706-UP
TB45-194-B 099706-UP
TB45-197-B 099706-UP

Shovel Loader
SD07L-3 30001-UP
SD10-5 70001-UP
SD15-5 70001-UP
SD23-6 85601-UP 
SD23T-5 85001-UP
SD25-6 85601-UP 
SD25T-5 85001-UP
SD30-6 85601-UP 
SD30T-5 85001-UP
SG07L-3 30001-UP
SG10-5 70001-UP
SG15-5 70001-UP

5TON(D) 40001-UP
5TON(ED) 40001-UP
5TON(G) 40001-UP
6TON(D) 40001-UP
6TON(ED) 40001-UP
6TON(G) 40001-UP
7TON(D) 40001-UP
7TON(ED) 40001-UP
7TON(G) 40001-UP
8TON(D) 40001-UP
FB35-2 64001-UP
FB40-2 64001-UP
FD10-15-AT 600001-UP
FD18-AT 600001-UP
FD20-25-AT 500001-UP
FD20H-25H-AT 500001-UP
FD20J/25J-AT 500001-UP
FD28/30-AT 500001-UP
FD30H-AT 500001-UP
FD30J-AT 500001-UP
FD35/40-AT 100001-UP
FD35Z/40Z-AT 100001-UP
FD45-AT 100001-UP
FD50A-AT 100001-UP
FG10-15-AT 600001-UP
FG18-AT 600001-UP
FG20-25-AT 500001-UP
FG20H-25H-AT 500001-UP
FG28/30-AT 500001-UP
FG30H-AT 500001-UP
FG35/40-AT 100001-UP
FG35Z/40Z-AT 100001-UP
FG45-AT 100001-UP
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